Brawl Stars in-game purchases

Brawl Stars in-game purchases

What is brawl stars in game purchases?

Like in many other games, there are in-game purchases with Brawl Stars. This is understandable since this game has the base price of $ 0 up on all available platforms. However, developer Epic Games does not want Brawl Stars to see a pay-to-win game, so any in-game purchases in brawl stars will never benefit from the player versus player style.

To get each other the most items in Brawl Stars, that player has to buy each other gems from the in-game store for real money. Therefore, gems are always the so-called premium / real money currency in Brawl Stars. Even 10,000 jems could be bought by a blackjack player for a whopping 100 $, starting with 1 000 gems for 10 $.

Items because z. For example, personalization items on heroes, sliders, or pickaxes, this player can buy each other in the in-game store for many or hundreds of gems. Moreover, the various objects have different rarities, moreover, they may be grade for a limited time.

The Battle Pass

Very popular is what is known as the Battle Pass, which is also available to players every season and has to be purchased as gems. The last season via Battle Passport (Season 3) took about two consequences. The Battle Pass different Season 4 costs 950 gems, ergo a converted price of about 10 $. To do this, Brawl Stars has launched and this player has then opened all the Battle Passport tab, where the scientist may decide between your Battle Passport or Battle Pass package.

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The Battle Pass offers some cosmetic items for players of further players. Likewise, which Battle Passport has even 100 rewards at 100 different levels that players could unlock by playing or using gems. Not finished, the gambler forgot some items immediately upon purchase, so he can directly hold those back to other players in Brawl Stars Earth.

For all level up you get rewards like z. B. experience points, sprays, gems, and much more. This total value of this Battle Passport is certainly a mass of higher value than the initial price of gems, if you can the level that is left enough course. Leveling up makes the player also bar Battle passport and if you ordered which Battle Passport afterwards, gets a retroactive all rewards until then to the free level.

This means that if you buy all Battle Passport in the time interval of the season, you are really on this safe S .. The in-game purchases are uff (berlinerisch) any platform the same can continue to be qua all popular payment methods are placed on the table For example, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal also include Yandex.

A successful and profitable model

The model of the operation Epic Games is extremely successful, because the target group likes to spend cash for the countless different items. So Brawl Stars has taken only 90 days for over 100 million US dollars from the Apple Store. This is this one, insanely very high number, considering that the objects one has all alone are virtual again and again. However, nobody is forced to make the purchases, everything amounts to completely voluntary basis.

Anyone knows when the items you buy, however, do not have the benefits or have 1 deeper head. Nonetheless, in any case, a can tell fans and adversaries in addition to give their characters a zeal. Especially with completely limited items, this can lead to the fact that one buys items, however, easily to determine those, since a by all possession of few, which possess the insensitively limited object.

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